The Volkswagen works council expects productivity on next generation models to be doubled.

”We need big improvements in productivity to keep us up against tough international competition,” said works council chief Bernd Osterloh in Wolfsburg on Monday (18 June).

According to Auto Motor und Sport magazine, Osterloh said that management and the works council are fully united on improving productivity by technical improvements, high quality assembly and optimising work processes. This is how Volkswagen will match the performance of the world’s most successful vehicle manufacturer, Toyota, the report said.

Volkswagen must sell 6.5m cars a year in the medium term. Last year it shifted 5.7m for global market share of 9.7%. Growth is expected to come from recent increases in capacity at Auto 5000 in Wolfsburg to build the Tiguan, plus the planned new plant in Russia.

Osterloh remains committed to the goal of guaranteed jobs. He wants consideration to be given to sustainable workforce guarantees at all plants.

In the last year, Volkswagen has embarked on a severe restructuring process that will see the workforce reduced by 20,000 by 2012. Workers have returned to a five-day week from four days, with no additional pay.

Osterloh said: “Workers have their part to play in improving productivity and that this should go towards guaranteeing their jobs. Now it is up to management to put in place more effective processes and structures.”