VW CEO Martin Winterkorn has reportedly put an end to the development of a new upscale Volkswagen model with the working title, Tourer (also know as ‘SportVan’).

According to the Wolfsburg local newspaper, the Wolfsburge Allgemeine Zeitung, the model was conceived when the brand was being managed by Wolfgang Bernhard. It was planned for launch in 2009/2010 and would have been a competitor for the Mercedes R-class (which has been deemed a ‘flop’ inside Volkswagen according to some sources).

This is the first time a Bernhard project has been completely killed, although Winterkorn has made several other major changes to the future model plan, including delaying the development of the next generation Golf by ordering a major redesign.

Winterkorn is currently managing the Volkswagen brand as well as being CEO of the Volkswagen Group.