Progress-Werk Oberkirch (PWO) says it has received a EUR100m (US$113m) contract from an unnamed car manufacturer in Southern Germany for the development and production of cockpit cross-members.

The customer’s previous polymer hybrid cross-member made of aluminium and synthetic material will be replaced by the lightweight steel concept from PWO.
The value of the contract is more than EUR100m. Starting in 2018, around 7m cross-members in different variations will be delivered worldwide during a ten-year period.
“Due to our expertise in lightweight construction, we have now been able to win the trust of our long-standing customer also for a new global project for cross-members,” said PWO management board spokesman, Volker Simon.

“For the first time, we will also be delivering to the customer’s Japanese cooperation partner in Mexico.

“With this contract, we are now the supplier of choice for cockpit cross-members for the large volume platforms of nearly all our OEM customers.”
In the future, PWO will be producing cross-members at all of the Group’s five production locations: Germany, the Czech Republic, Canada, Mexico and China.

Other regions are covered by cooperation partners.