Hella has announced that it has purchased ENKO Automotive GmbH. Based in Schortens, Germany, Enko Automotive is a developer of sensor and body electronics hardware and software for the automotive industry.

Enko and Hella have collaborated on projects since 1999.

“The acquisition of Enko allows Hella to strengthen its position in the fields of electronics and light-based driver assistance systems,” said Jean- Francois Tarabbia, chief executive officer of the Automotive Electronics Division of Hella.

Enko’s facilities will become Hella’s competence centre for access and driving authorisation system development, which includes technologies such as the Passive Entry/Go, a key fob that allows a driver to enter a vehicle without a car key and start the engine by pressing a button.

Most recently, Hella and Enko have worked with a technical college in Wilhelmshaven, Germany, on future technology such as a fingerprint recognition system that allows for personalized comfort settings to be maintained in a vehicle.