DaimlerChrysler boosted truck sales 1.4% to 537,000 units last year.

Sales increased in all major markets, rising to 106,400 units in Western Europe (2005: 102,400), 187,800 units in the NAFTA region (2005: 183,000) and 71,100 units in Japan (2005: 59,200). In South America, sales rose from 38,900 to 39,500 units. In other markets, sales decreased due to weaker markets to 132,200 units (2005: 146,100).

DaimlerChrysler truck chief Andreas Renschler said: “As a result of cyclical and regulatory developments, we expect the markets in NAFTA and Japan to weaken significantly in 2007, while we anticipate that the demand in the European markets will contract only slightly.

“We expect the markets to recover in 2008 because new emissions regulations will probably lead to pre-buy effects.”