We reckon it’s an ideal successor to both the Calibra, axed two generations ago, and the old fixed-roof Astra coupe, but there are hints from Vauxhall’s chief that the GTC concept currently on the General Motors’ stand at Geneva gives a pretty good clue to the next Vectra.

Vauxhall chairman Jon Browning, said: “The concept pushes the design boundaries for a mainstream vehicle but it is a design language you will see a lot of in the future.

“The new Vectra will also be an important vehicle for Vauxhall and Opel in Europe as it builds on the success we have had with Astra and Corsa in reconnecting with consumers.”

Browning said the new Corsa had been well received since launch and is currently the best selling small car in the UK.

Browning, who is also the sales and marketing chief for GM Europe, added: “Corsa was always very cute and a lot of fun and very appealing to young buyers; the new model is now out to recapture that market.”

Browning is also behind the advertisement campaign that has brought the C’mons to UK television screens.

These knitted creatures follow the urban fortunes of Vauxhall models in the quirky ads.

Browning added:”The C’mons are also about connecting with a youthful audience. If you look at internet sites or television programmes for young people they use these sort of surrogates to communicate.

“We are using the C’mons to connect with a youthful, urban target audience.”