Ford was expected to announce on Thursday (30 March) it would produce a new engine in Ontario, Canada, according to a media report.

Reuters sources said the 7X engine, for large pickup trucks, would be announced with Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau at the Ford Essex Engine Plant, in a welcome boost for a sector that has lost thousands of jobs in recent years.

The news agency’s sources said the move is part of C$700m (US$525.05m) in new investments secured during a 2016 agreement between Ford and its 7,000 Canadian union workers. Spending at Windsor’s two engine plants is expected to account for about C$600m (US$450.05m).

AutoForecast Solutions told Reuters the seven-litre, V8 engine would have more torque and be more fuel efficient than the 6.8-litre V10 engine now built in Windsor and used in Ford’s super- duty trucks, such as its F-250s. About 125,000 units of the new engine would be made each year, from 2019.