A fire at Ford's world headquarters has delayed release of the automaker's US October sales data originally expected today (1 November), the automaker said.

We had visions of technicians trying to extract data from melted computers, desperate searches for the abacus, pocket calculators, old mechanical adding machines, etc, but it turns out the fire was at an electrical substation and the power went off, affecting both the headquarters and the adjacent Ford Credit office buildings, as well as one of the company's main data centres the company and its dealers use to report and track sales.

"While battery backups worked as intended to protect data saved in the system, the lack of full power resulted in the data centre being shut down for most of Monday's business day, and dealers were unable to report final-day sales," Ford said.

Ford now expects to announce October US sales results later this week with a news release and usual 8-K filing once full reporting becomes available.

just-auto will publish our US analyst Bill Cawthon's partial (less Ford) and full results for this key market as soon as available.