Vayyar Imaging says that Faurecia has chosen Vayyar’s radar sensors for its automotive “Cockpit of the Future.” By implementing Vayyar’s 3D imaging sensors with multi-transceiver radar capabilities, Faurecia’s cockpit solutions will now offer a fully-integrated connected car experience, the company says. Through this partnership, the companies will work together to optimise passenger comfort and vehicle safety with constant monitoring and automatic alert services.

After completing a successful proof of concept earlier this year, Vayyar and Faurecia will now work together to bring this enhanced passenger experience to mass production readiness. The integration of these technologies provides constant interior monitoring for passengers, creating increased convenience and safety. Vayyar’s technology will assist by locating and measuring passengers’ movement and breathing, among other capabilities.

David Degrange, Vice President of the Cockpit of the Future division at Faurecia, said: “We are convinced that the consumers’ needs in future mobility require technologies to improve the user experience and to improve safety and well-being. Hence, Faurecia is developing integrated sensor technologies working with partners like Vayyar, who is leading the market of the 3D imaging technology. Their unique knowhow and innovative offer solution fit very well with Faurecia’s Cockpit of the Future strategy.”

Vayyar’s high-resolution sensor is powerful enough to cover the entire cabin even if concealed in various locations, without compromising on the design aesthetics. Unlike cameras or other automotive sensors, Vayyar’s highly advanced technology operates in any weather or light condition and do not collect optic data, so passengers can rest assured their privacy or personal information is not revealed.

Raviv Melamed, CEO, Co-Founder and Chairman of Vayyar, added: “Passenger safety and comfort is one of our top priorities. We are excited to partner with Faurecia, a pioneer in the automotive industry, to implement our technology in their groundbreaking Cockpit of the Future solutions. Together, we are committed to improving the passenger experience with state-of-the-art technology.”

Vayyar Imaging is a specialist in 3D imaging sensor technology.