Israeli car market declined sharply in April according to the latest deliveries
data. During April, 11,132 new vehicles were delivered to customers, a drop of
31 percent on the March figure.

Nevertheless, year-to-date deliveries were up 4.5 percent for the first four
months compared with a year ago, to 55,878 units.

Volkswagen led the deliveries table in April with 1,206 units. In second place,
Mazda achieved a deliveries total – mainly to fleets – of 1,188, a
drop of 31 percent over March 2001. Ford dropped more than 50 percent from its
March total to just 512.

European brands are generally performing well in the Israeli car market and
during Q1 they gained 10 percent to take 54 percent market share. The Japanese
manufacturers dropped one percent, but the Korean makes fell back sharply with
a drop of some 30 percent in Q1 compared to Q1 2000.

Deliveries of small commercial vehicles and heavy trucks were up by 23 percent
in the first four months of 2001 compared with the same period last year.

Ya’acov Zalel

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