the General Motors assembler and distributor in Colombia, has launched a new website which includes the GM BuyPower vehicle configurator, writes
Juan Carlos Vargas.



Colmotores, which imports or assembles a wide range of Opel, Isuzu, Suzuki,
Chevrolet and GMC Truck-designed vehicles for sale as Chevrolet models, is the
16th GM operation worldwide to add BuyPower to its website.

This ‘e-tool’ allows customers to tailor-make cars from available
combinations of price, colour, body style, engine size and transmission, and
then add options such as air conditioning and power windows.

The system will also suggest appropriate models according to price and feature
criteria entered by the customer.

Like the U.S. GM BuyPower website, customers can also search for specific used
car models and apply for GMAC finance.

The tool doesn’t have the ‘buy on-line’ feature available to GM customers in
other markets because Colmotores doesn’t think Colombian buyers are ready
for the full ‘e-business culture’ yet. But the site will soon allow
them to buy spare parts on-line.

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