DaimlerChrysler.gif” vspace=5 width=159>DaimlerChrysler will halt production of the Dodge Dakota pickup at its plant in Campo Largo, Paraná state on April 19, writes Rogerio Louro Alves.

All 250 assembly workers will receive 60 days’ holiday while D-C decides on the future of its Brazilian plant.

“We are studying if it is viable to produce another vehicle in the plant. The model could be from any of DaimlerChrysler’s brands, including Mitsubishi“, said Daimler Chrysler of Brazil communications director André Senador.

If the company can’t find another vehicle to replace the Dakota, it will close the plant and dismiss the workers. However, closure would mean that D-C has to repay all the financial incentives received from Paraná state to build it – about $US50 million.

The Campo Largo plant was opened in 1998 at a cost of $US315 million.

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