Edag Group is to bundle its test competencies and capacities in a new building at the Waldmeisterstraße site in Munich, near BMW’s Research and Innovation Centre.

Edag’s 140 test specialists will move into the two new building complexes in May, 2022. 

“As the entire test centre is on one floor, the new facility provides ideal working conditions and the flexibly designed offices meet the requirements of a modern working world for our employees,” said Edag Testing VP, Stefan Alde.

“In addition, the new facility will enable us to significantly expand our portfolio of services relating to the validation of EE components and to carry out our ‘Smart Test Lab’ project. In the future, customers will, with the use of webcams and the live transmission of images, be able to track assembly, assessment and acceptance dates online, or check the status of a test part online.”

Edag notes it offers the mobility industry a 360-degree range of trial and testing services for environmental simulation, functional testing, validation of interior and exterior vehicle components, vehicle safety and EE component validation.

With more than 1,000 employees, Munich is one of the largest locations in the Edag Group. “With the new Edag facility, we will be able to offer our customers all-round, on-site testing capacity; top level, to meet the requirements of the latest vehicle categories and with a maximum degree of digitalisation in the communication with our customers,” added Edag Group CEO, Cosimo De Carlo.

“Investment at the Munich location is a sign of the future-oriented development of the Edag Group and also a clear commitment to our position in the Bavarian capital.” 

The company has had premises in Munich since 1970.