With software and services playing an increasingly critical role in all areas of the automotive industry, Delphi Automotive has announced it has acquired Movimento, a provider of Over-the-Air (OTA) software lifecycle and data management for the automotive sector.

Movimento’s advanced technology platform enables manufacturers to quickly and efficiently upgrade or fix software at all stages of a vehicle’s lifecycle. Its OTA capabilities provide end consumers the ease and convenience of software updates, allowing new features and functionality to be added to their vehicles instantaneously, all the while reducing warranty and service costs for the vehicle manufacturer.

“The acquisition of Movimento strengthens Delphi’s position as a leading end-to-end systems and software provider to the industry as vehicle connectivity becomes increasingly ubiquitous,” said Kevin Clark, president and CEO, Delphi Automotive. “Movimento’s over-the-air capability aligns perfectly with our Control-Tec acquisition last year, allowing Delphi to leverage big data to offer comprehensive product enhancements and service cost savings to our customers.”

Based in Michigan, Movimento supports customer operations globally and has its OTA and cloud technology development in Silicon Valley. It brings scalable vehicle software, engine control unit (ECU) programming, and OTA firmware and feature updates, all with advanced automotive cyber security validation functions to ensure a safe and secure software environment at all times. Movimento’s technology allows for a single gateway client to update a vehicle’s firmware, software and feature sets across multiple domains including infotainment, advanced safety and automated driving, and engine controls, allowing for simplified software design.

Combining Delphi’s system and software expertise with Control-Tec’s data analytics and Movimento’s OTA services will create an industry-leading, end-to-end connected vehicle platform for our customers that is able to manage vehicle performance data, consumer behaviour data, maintenance, system upgrades, mobility services and third party ancillary services. 

“OTA capabilities are required for next-generation active safety, automated driving, and automated mobility on demand. Movimento’s technology will allow Delphi’s Centralised Sensing Localisation and Planning (CSLP) solution to be continuously updated with innovations throughout its lifecycle,” added Clark.

Movimento will remain an independent entity within Delphi, and will maintain its existing customer service model.  

The transaction closed on 3 January 2017. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.