Hawtai Motor Group, which tried and failed to agree a deal with Saab earlier this year, will soon start CKD (completely knocked down) kit assembly in Russia, building the first batch of Hyundai-designed 120 Santa Fe vehicles.

The project is the first overseas CKD project by Hawtai Motor, according to SinoCast. The Chinese automaker has set up a dedicated project team for adaptability R&D, production, quality, and package export. It will soon start work on a second batch of 690 diesel Santa Fe vehicles for shipment to Russia.

Meanwhile, Chinese compay Fuyao Glass Industry Group reportedly will build an automobile glass plant in Kaluzhskaya Oblast, Russia soon.

The Shanghai-listed glass maker previously signed an agreement with the local government on the construction of the plant, which will attract an investment of US$200m from China.

Hawtai who?

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