Canadian National Railway (CN) and The Lion Electric Company have signed a memorandum of understanding for CN to buy 50 electric trucks.

The trucks will be used in intermodal terminals in urban areas to reduce emissions.

In April, 2019, CN launched a pilot programme to test Lion’s custom-built electric trucks in a variety of uses across the rail network from urban delivery, container shuttle service, to port operations. The trucks are claimed to remove 100 tons of greenhouse gas emissions from the road annually.

“CN is showing leadership by acquiring 50 all-electric trucks,” said The Lion Electric president and founder, Marc Bedard.

“This order, our largest yet, is a sign of confidence in our company and that now is the time for the electrification of heavy transportation.”

For his part, CN president and CEO, Jean-Jacques Ruest added: “[We have been based] in Montreal for more than 100 years and our company employs several thousand people in Quebec, so we are very pleased to support innovation in [the province]. This agreement is also part of our commitment to encourage economic recovery and reduce the carbon footprint of the global supply chain.

“The regulatory regime put in place by the Federal government ensures an environment conducive to such investments.”