EMT Madrid has confirmed BYD will supply a further 30 eBuses for operations in the Spanish capital.

The order for BYD’s 12-metre pure-electric eBuses comprises the majority of a 50-vehicle order from EMT Madrid – Spain’s largest surface public transport operator running 2,100 vehicles.

The announcement follows the delivery of an initial fleet of 15 BYD 12-metre models earlier in May.

EMT selected BYD for the supply of 30 eBuses based on several operational parameters including single-charge range capability, cost of energy consumption, maintenance costs and manufacturer’s guarantee.

The original fleet of 15 BYD eBuses are already in operation on EMT Madrid’s high-frequency route 52 service, connecting Puerta del Sol and Santamarca and also on Madrid’s new perimeter service, which forms part of the ‘Madrid 360 Environmental Sustainability Strategy.’

Despite lockdown restrictions brought about by the coronavirus pandemic, the initial 15 BYD eBuses were supplied in May. The subsequent order for 30 eBuses will be delivered in 2021.

“Clearly, our first 15 BYD vehicles are performing well on EMT Madrid’s route 52 and the company is seeing the benefits of BYD electrification,” said BYD director in Iberia, Joaquín Bellido.

“This latest order for 30 eBuses will have an even greater impact on improving air quality in Madrid and we hope to continue to support EMT Madrid as it switches more of its fleet to electric mobility, bringing safe, comfortable, emissions-free transport for the people of Madrid.”

EMT is integrated in Madrid´s Regional Transport Consortium and operates a fleet of 2,100 buses and a network of 213 bus lines.