British engine manufacturing has risen 6.7% year on year to the end of September, driven by a rise in local demand.

Of the 1,906,709 powerplants made, 846,540 were for cars built in England, up 34.4%.

September output grew 6.3% to 239,086 units with domestic demand up 38.1% to 108,867.

Exports were off 10.9% to 130,219 last month and down 8.4% to 1,060,169 year to date but the majority of production is shipped abroad, mainly to Europe.

Mike Hawes, SMMT chief executive, said, "UK engine manufacturing continues to benefit from investments made in previous years into new plants and models. Output has increased significantly this year to meet demand for local production of vehicles which are exported globally. Although manufacturing for overseas factories has fallen recently, exports still account for the majority of engine demand, so it is crucial that government safeguards the conditions that will allow the industry to maintain its international competitiveness."