Acea has reported European truck registrations for February 2007, showing that growth in western Europe was broadly flat, while markets in new member states are booming.

New European (EU23 + EFTA) light (<3.5 tonnes) commercial vehicle registrations totalled 157,777 units, up 3.9% on a year ago. Highest growth was recorded in the new EU member states where sales were up 28.3%, to 9,248 units.

National performances were mixed. While new van registrations increased in France (+5%) and Italy (+2.1%) and very slightly in the UK (+0.3%), Spain and Germany saw their registrations drop (–6.3% and –3.4%, respectively).

Apart from Luxembourg (–20.2%), Greece (–12.4%), Portugal (–8.3%) and Hungary (–8.5%), all remaining countries posted growths. In particular, the situation in the new member states flourished, majority of them having recorded two–digit growths (and three-digit in Latvia +133.9%), ranging from +10.9% in Lithuania to +59.7%. in Slovenia.

Cumulative figures confirm an upturn trend in the European new van registrations. All main markets performed better than previous year, posting increases ranging from +0.8% in the UK to +5.7% in Germany.

New commercial vehicles (excluding buses and coaches) above 3.5t rose by +5.1% in February 2007, reaching 29,147 units (EU22+EFTA – Hungarian data not yet available).

European performance was mixed: while western Europe registrations slightly dropped (–0.8%), new member states saw their figures strongly increase (+69.5%).

The same pattern as in heavy truck registrations applied: three of the main markets went up (France +4.7%, Germany +8.1%, Spain +18.3%) while the Italian and British market downsized (–10.2% and –31.1%).

Hungarian data being unavailable, all remaining new member states posted growths, ranging from +17.1% in the Czech Republic to +194% in Lithuania. Cumulative figures (+8.4%) confirm the positive trend in the whole Europe (+4.3% western Europe, +55.3% new member states).

New heavy truck registrations in Europe (EU22+EFTA) went up in February 2007 by +11.7%, reaching 21,856 units. The increase was much higher in the new member states (+77.2%) than in the EU15 (+4.4%).
Three of the main EU markets contributed positively to this result: France (+6.7%), Germany (+11.5%) and Spain (+16.1%) while the UK and Italy decreased (–28.4% and –3.7% respectively). The British result is explained by a decline in orders after Euro 4 emission regulation came into force last October.

New truck registrations jumped in the new member states thanks to rocketing increases ranging from +27.1% in the Czech Republic to +213% in Lithuania.

Two first months of the year were better for almost all the EU countries (overall +13.2%). EU15 improved its result by +7.5% and new member states by +65.2%.

Buses & Coaches

The market for new buses and coaches in Europe (EU21+EFTA) dropped in February 2007 (–11.5%). The results on main national markets were mixed: while Germany, the UK and Italy turned down (–1.9%, –12.1% and –33.8%, respectively), France (+1.1%) and Spain (+29.7%) rebounded. Cumulative figures were flat for EU15 (+0.4%) and for the whole Europe (–0.6%). The new member states figure takes into account neither Polish nor Hungarian bus and coach registrations, as data is not available yet.