The European Commission has sent second warning letters to the UK and seven other
EU countries for their failure to adopt an EU directive aimed at providing new
car buyers with information about fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions,
writes Alan Osborn.

The countries were first warned in April, following which Britain and Belgium
informed Brussels of draft legislation for implementing the directive but no
reply was received from France, Germany, Italy, Greece, Spain or Portugal.

The deadline for adopting the texts was January 18, this year.

The directive, proposed by the environment commissioner Margot Wallstrom, sets
out the information that new car purchasers may demand, including urban, non-urban
and average petrol consumption and CO2 emissions.

All Member States had agreed to make this compulsory when they signed up to
the directive and there could be
” reasons for the delays,
Commission officials said.

However satisfactory re-assurances were required within two months if legal
action was to be avoided.

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