Chinese heavy truck manufacturer Beiben Trucks Group has launched a new truck powered by a hydrogen fuel cell system, according to local reports.

The municipal street sweeper is powered by a 100kW fuel cell system and is produced at the company plant in Baotou in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

Beiben said the vehicle is fitted with special cylinders to store the hydrogen and uses proton exchange membrane fuel cells to generate electricity. These were developed and supplied by Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

The company claims the vehicle can operate in extremely cold temperatures, as low as 30C, making it suitable for the harsh winters in the province. It plans to build a series of hydrogen fuel cell trucks for various applications.

Last year, the Chinese government said it wanted to see at least 1m HFCVs on the roads by 2030 and substantial subsidies are being made available in key provinces to encourage purchases.

Hyundai made headlines last month when it announced it had started construction of a hydrogen fuel cell systems plant in Guangdong province.