Toyota is a Japanese headquartered automotive corporation that is recognized for Business Expansion, Environmental, Innovation, Investments and Product Launches in the 2022 Just Auto Excellence Awards.

Toyota has been heavily involved in the electrification process, providing fast charging services via a partnership with another company providing customers with on-the-go access to DC fast charging stations; as well as electrifying current models, with another collaboration, integrating conversion kits to electrify Land Cruiser vehicles during the build process – turning chassis originally destined to be diesels into EVs. 

The company has also been working to bring new customer experience solutions to the market, introducing a completely new infotainment system designed in the US for the local market. The company also collaborated on an automated mapping platform and a connected crowd-sourced software platform for high definition (HD) maps needed for autonomous driving. 

Toyota has also been working on its environmental targets, aiming to make all its global operations carbon neutral by 2035 – bringing forward its previously announced deadline from 2050; as well as working on hydrogen projects such as collaborating with various entities on projects aimed at “the early realisation of a hydrogen society”.

The automaker has also been investing in EV parts and battery production with an announcement of its plans to invest US$90m in new facilities for the production of electric vehicle components in the US, as well as plans to construct a full scale electric vehicle  battery plant in the same region in conjunction with one of its suppliers.

The company has also been working on launching electric and hybrid vehicles with the release of its all-new Aqua hybrid model in Japan; plans to launch a battery powered, medium segment passenger car in China; and the unveiling of a redesigned LandCruiser.

Finally Toyota has been working on expanding its production operations, completing construction of a small factory in the western African nation of Ghana to assemble vehicles from imported semi-knocked down (SKD) kits.

Company Profile

Toyota designs, manufactures and sells passenger cars, buses, minivans, trucks, specialty cars, recreational and sport-utility vehicles. It provides financing to dealers and customers for purchase or lease of vehicles. 

The company is also involved in housing, financial services, telecommunications and information technology businesses. Toyota’s financial services include retail leasing, retail financing, insurance and wholesale financing. 

It operates across the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific and the Middle East. Toyota is headquartered in Toyota City, Aichi, Japan.