The Excellence Awards celebrate the greatest achievements and innovations in the industry. The programme provides a platform to recognize the people and companies that are driving change.

Our programme is designed to highlight excellence within the sector by looking at a range of corporate activities including deals, business projects and company initiatives, both internal and in the community.

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What is Business Expansion?

Business Expansion is one of our largest categories and looks at the core functions of business operations within the sector.

This consists of any projects that have expanded the company’s footprint in the sector, including: contract wins; launching in new territories; launching new product lines; the acquisition and expansion of facilities and real estate; acquisition of new machinery or other assets; improved logistics; partnerships; and significant staff increases.


The automotive industry has been going through a period of transformation, even with the strain of a global supply chain crysis and a global pandemic. The chip shortage that is a scourge on a good part of the global economy has been a serious issue that the industry has been tackling with swift measures, belt tightening and a vision for circular production and expansion.

This has been followed by the expansion of electric vehicle use by consumers, giving the industry motivation to follow more eco-friendly practices, sustainability tactics and a need for constant innovation. This is best seen through the production of battery technologies, with a heavy focus on electric batteries as well as hydrogen-electric and pure hydrogen varieties. The innovations in this field are focused on diversifying the components used in the battery-making process and the chemicals that go into the battery itself.

What can also be seen to be happening is a definitive focus by manufacturers of commercial vehicles to provide comfort and safety in the vehicle, proving that the industry knows how to provide the customer with a comfortable, chic and safe experience with products that are constantly evolving to match the modern requirements of the market.

Technological advancements are also having an increasing influence on the industry from software solutions to integrated service software and navigation systems. Various innovations and features are being integrated into both light and medium vehicles, making the user experience a focal point in the development of these technologies, accompanied by a strong focus on the environmental impact they have and a drive towards synergy between all parts of the industry.


The automotive industry has been working to move away from fossil fuels and the companies in this category have been involved in the surge in development of alternatives including methane, hydrogen, e-fuels as well as bio-fuels.

Batteries are an integral component of hybrid, hydrogen and electric vehicles and these companies have developed during the research period new and improved battery technology, expanded their manufacturing capabilities and developed more efficient ways to produce and recycle batteries.

One of the aspects of the recent component shortage has been the scarcity of chips. The companies in this category have made the effort to expand chip production through creating new production facilities and expanding trade agreements.

The automotive industry has been facing a shortage of components. The companies in this category have been going the extra mile in battling the shortage through expanding production capabilities, creating lasting production agreements and launching new products.

The following companies have all been involved in the development or improvement of new systems and components - from small integrated parts to the fine materials that go into the vehicle interior.

When looking at the production of components it is important to see the effort that goes into the manufacturing of those systems that are integrated into the vehicles and are most important for the overall functionality of a well-made vehicle. These companies have been hard at work signing deals to expand production, improve their products and optimise production techniques to make the process as efficient as possible.

Manufacturing facilities are a necessity for every component production process. The following companies have contributed to the expansion of these facilities with deals to expand existing or build new facilities for the production of components for various sectors of the automotive industry.

The shift towards production of electric vehicles has made the automotive industry see the need for a better way to charge these new vehicles and expand the network of charging stations and infrastructure. Whether home charging stations or public network expansion contracts, these companies have their finger on the pulse and are hard at work to provide this new necessity.

The new wave of electric vehicle demand has created a desire in the customer for old models of commercial vehicles that crucially are fossil-free and environmentally friendly. The companies in this category have grasped the opportunity, transforming traditional, beloved vehicle models into modern, green equivalents.

In an increasingly digital world the automotive industry has seen the need to keep up. In this category we recognise those companies that have been working on the digitalisation of development and repair services and the customer experience.

A modern vehicle is never truly finished without a good system to help the driver navigate the road. These systems detect obstacles with new and improved technologies, map the roads with precision and help autonomous vehicles move through a complex, modern world. The following companies have been hard at work perfecting this technology and making it more precise and more accurate in order to tackle modern problems with modern solutions.

Looking at the new technologies being developed in the automotive sector we can’t overlook the development of innovative software solutions that have spread throughout the industry. The companies in this category pride themselves as innovators and have been working to improve software systems across the board.

When it comes to the development of software there are those companies that see the need to optimise their services with the help of specialised software. The companies in this category have invested in the development of new software and the implementation of innovative service practices.

Across the automotive industry manufacturing cannot function without the production of raw materials such as metals or battery chemicals. The following companies have made deals to enable sustainable production, and have expanded production capabilities.

In this category we recognise companies that have been involved in deals to expand the supply of vehicles to retailers and creating new and novel facilities for vehicle retail.

When a vehicle is out in the world it needs new, innovative technology to keep it safe in the owners’ hands. from digital keys to obstacle sensing technology.. The companies in this category excel at bringing security to vehicles with different innovative designs, production expansion and software development.

A big focus for the automotive industry has always been the light commercial vehicle and in recent years it has become clear that the industry must evolve the design and manufacture processes in this area. The companies in this category have been hard at work to make the car a more sustainable, better produced and user-oriented product.

Electric vehicles have taken the industry by storm in recent years and the light electric vehicle is becoming a staple in the automotive industries’ step towards carbon-neutrality and reducing its impact on the environment. The companies in this category have been working hard to bring innovative light electric vehicles to consumers through production expansion, manufacturing optimisation and supply chain management.

Medium commercial vehicles are a core element of many companies’ production. Trucks, vans and buses, the following companies have been expanding their production, improving their designs and expanding supply in order to manufacture the best.

With electric vehicles becoming more prevalent in the automotive industry than ever before, medium size electric vehicles are becoming a need that the industry is quick to fill through development and manufacturing. Through expanding production capabilities, striking deals in new regions, delivering innovative designs and creating valuable supply and distribution chains these companies have their eyes on the prize.

Releasing a new product is a big step in the manufacturing process and with that step comes the responsibility to ensure the quality of the products. Whether through opening innovative testing centres or testing the capabilities and safety of new designs and revolutionary autonomous vehicles these companies know how to ensure the quality of their products.