A review of the significant new vehicles making their global debuts at the Geneva motor show, led by just-auto's Glenn Brooks.

just-auto's editor Dave Leggett will introduce the major themes from the show and put them in industry context. 

Dave will be joined by Glenn Brooks, just-auto's editor of new and future vehicle programmes, who will follow with a detailed presentation which will explore vehicle programmes from the major OEMs.

The webinar will include:

  •  a look at major themes of the show; 
  •  a review of major new models and show concepts from the vehicle makers;
  •  a consideration of OEM platform strategies;
  •  a question and answer session

just-auto's analysis of current and future model programmes is also gathered together in the just-auto  Production Life Database (PLDB).  

PLDB from just-auto.com is a low-cost, vehicle model database showing the production life of 1554 current and future vehicle models produced globally by 200 brands from 110 vehicle groups.

 PLDB is perfect for:

  •  monitoring future vehicles and current product life cycles by manufacturer;
  •  gaining accurate platform and future model codenames;
  •  analysing and tracking joint ventures;
  •  viewing data by manufacturing group and/or brand