Webinar on-demand: The Impact of Advanced Thermoplastic Insulation Systems on e-motors

Victrex Webinar On Deamnd

Manufacturers of electric motors for hybrid and electric vehicles are facing an increasing pressure to develop smaller, cost-effective and more efficient high power density motors that can support and replace the tractive power previously supplied by the internal combustion engine (ICEs).

In our webinar we explore how to tackle the various challenges that come with power density increase, downsizing and thermal management, and how advanced electrical insulation systems (like VICTREX™ PEEK and APTIV™ film) can address these challenges and contribute to a viable and cost-effective solution without compromising on performance and reliability.

Presenting the webinar is James Bonnett, Market Technology Manager Automotive, Victrex plc UK and Chris Slowinski, Key Account Manager Automotive Victrex, USA.

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