2020 and Beyond – What can we expect from the Next 20 Years of Automotive Technology?

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TU-Automotive Detroit is celebrating its 20th birthday this year. And to kick off this year’s campaign we looked back at the past 20 years of Automotive Technology and asked our partners their predictions for the next 20.

We were honored to receive so many responses! A common theme throughout the retrospective was Electrification.

“The lithium-ion battery. Electrification is one of the biggest driving forces in the industry today, and the inevitable migration to fully electric vehicles wouldn’t be possible without the development of an automotive-grade lithium-ion battery.”

Dave Zoia, Executive Director - Research, Wards Intelligence

With consumers seeking more sustainable modes of transport, the Electric Vehicle has certainly had a huge impact within the market in the past 20 years. It is predicted that by 2040, more than half of all new cars will be electric. This surge in consumer-demand has enabled many new automakers to enter this traditional market. This in turn, is disrupting the automotive industry and driving change.

“The Electric Vehicle has a huge impact, replacing big part of the traditional value chain and enabling new players to enter the market.”

Juergen Daunis, Head of IoT CV Sales Engagement, Ericsson

We cannot discuss the past 20 years of Automotive Technology without touching upon the Connected Car. As our Editor-In-Chief, Paul Myles, explains, “Connectivity has been, and will continue to be, the greatest change to the automobile since the internal combustion engine became the powertrain of choice more than 140 years ago. That’s because it not only opens the door to a myriad of potential services for helping automakers and service providers to engage with consumers at an individual level, it will be a key component in securing robust and reliable autonomous driving capabilities in years to come.”

The Connected Car has driven collaboration within this industry. With 5G, IoT, entertainment and new technology providers looking to grab their slice of the automotive pie, all eyes are on what’s next for the Car.

So, what is next for Automotive Technology?

AI? Autonomous Vehicles? Increased demand and adoption of sustainable transportation? The rise of new mobility methods?

The Automotive Technology industry is in a state of motion. Never has the industry been on the verge of such impactful change. With new technology emerging daily, we are getting closer to the Connected, Autonomous, Shared and Electric era of mobility. As our partners predict,

“The advancement of automated driving functions will have a major impact on mobility methods, vehicle architecture and most importantly vehicle occupant safety. In addition, with connectivity and automated driving we will see many mobility options emerge, particularly in urban areas, which will result in reduced traffic congestion, improved energy usage and will accelerate propulsion system methods toward EV’s and fuel cell vehicles. Most importantly, we will see a dramatic reduction of vehicle accidents and occupant deaths and injuries over this time period as more safety-oriented AD functions are developed and integrated into mass market vehicles.”

William Rotramel, Consultant, AVL

“Autonomous Technology. The societal and historical scale changes that will be ushered in by the development of full automotive autonomy for self-driving and all the spinoff advances that the core technologies will create will be the source of the largest impacts in the coming twenty years.”

Peter Suma, Chairman & co-CEO, Applied Brain Research

“Automated vehicle technologies will have the biggest impact of them all. These technologies are enabling a new era of safety and convenience features. Simultaneously, further evolution of AV technologies is leading to driverless robotaxis that will enhance the safety of vehicular transportation while disrupting traditional business models greatly.”

Phil Magney, Founder & Principal, VSI-Labs

Just like an engine converts one form of energy into mechanical energy, so TU-Automotive Detroit gathers the energy of the industry together and converts it into innovation. From Automakers to Tier 1s, from software suppliers to telematics service providers, we offer a place to network, learn and do business each year.

Join us and have your say on June 2-4, 2020 in the Suburban Collection Showcase, Novi.

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