Blog: Dave LeggettZero to hero?

Dave Leggett | 18 March 2004

I've got some details through today on the trip to Seville next week for the European press launch of the new Toyota Corolla Verso. I understand the new model has been brought forward by Toyota after it realised that the outgoing one - introduced in late 2001 - was something of an also-ran in a market segment that has become increasingly competitive. Should be interesting to see how the new one shapes up, but the word is that it is a big improvement.

One thing in the itinerary amused me. The dress code for dinner at the hotel where Toyota are putting us up for the night is 'smart casual'. I'm never sure what the term means and being told how to dress seems odd when you come to think of it - unless it is a formal affair, in which case advance warning is helpful. But 'smart casual'? Can't people be trusted to behave as adults and dress sensibly? And if someone turns up in sneakers, shorts and a gaudy Hawaiian shirt, does it really matter? Now where did I put those old Levi's with the holes in...  


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