Blog: Dave LeggettZAP and Smart

Dave Leggett | 25 May 2005

Strange business with Smart minicars in the US and ZAP. You would think that DaimlerChrysler would want to join in the celebration of such a big order placed by ZAP. If the two are shaping up as partners, they don't seem to be singing off the same hymn-sheet at the moment. But if there is such interest in Smart cars in the US, ZAP could certainly offer Smart a neat solution to tapping into it, without having to spend too much on its own. There is though just a hint of suspicion that ZAP may be puffing things up a tad. And the uncertain status of the order seems very odd.

Maybe it rolled off the fax machine and was promptly lost in the junk fax pile. We get quite a lot of that ourselves - unbeatable car lease offers and so on - but one that came into our office today raised a few laughs. It is from a training company offering 'overhead crane training'. Not exactly targeted marketing. The 'slinging' course is from only £34 per person. Sounds like a good day out.

USA: ZAP says it has placed $1 billion order for Smart cars; DC says unaware of such an order


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