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Dave Leggett | 7 July 2003

Remember James Hunt? He was the British Formula One world champion in '76. I used to work in Wimbledon where he lived and I saw him in Sainsbury's supermarket there a couple of times in the early '90s, just prior to his premature death. Yes, he had to shop for milk and bread too and by that time, he'd calmed down quite a bit. I remember his F1 commentating with Murray Walker back then. James would say what he thought and you respected that. Sure, he liked a drink and did drugs, was a 'womaniser' (shame on you James) but he was alive. The current crop of leading F1 drivers may be more 'professional', but my word are they boring. At least Jean Alesi used to get a bit handy with his fists from time to time. Showed he cared. And talking of Wimbledon, what about the tennis players these days? Where's the passion gone? Okay, Federer was a worthy winner and he showed some emotion, but some of the others..


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