Blog: Dave LeggettYou are what you eat

Dave Leggett | 28 December 2005

It is that time of the year when the diet gets a bit rich and the weather perhaps conspires to keep outdoor exercise down. The belly feels a tad on the full side. We know we shouldn't, but another mince pie with cream is a somehow more appealing prospect than a stick of celery. Personally, I always try to have a leaner January, in terms of calorific intake, to balance the festive season excesses.

But there is little doubt that the Western diet is causing us to get collectively tubbier. And it is a diet that is catching on. Even the French are voting with their stomachs for McDo's and doughy pizza these days. And fat Japanese are not the rarity they used to be. Echoing developments in energy and raw material markets, the price of beef will surely rocket if the Chinese decide en masse that a Big Mac is better than a bowl of noodles.

It's all possibly something to reflect on the next time you squeeze into that aircraft seat (cabin crew on one low-cost airline are being trained to shoe-horn large people in to the standard-sized seat with a device that resembles a hockey stick). But what about car seats? Yep, getting bigger, along with the cars. I spotted the below article on USA Today while taking a short break from engorgement. 

Carmakers widen seats for wider ... seats


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