Blog: Dave LeggettYou ain't joining my club, yet

Dave Leggett | 12 August 2005

I hear Toyota has had a decision on its application to join the European carmakers' association ACEA postponed for another year. I can't say I'm all that surprised. For all Toyota's impressive European credentials and presence there is, it seems, no getting away from the fact that Toyota is a Japanese company and there is a certain amount of political resistance to letting a highly successful Japanese company into the club.

It is just a little reminiscent of Turkey's application to join the EU and it's a bit daft really, as Ford and GM - also 'non-Europeans' - are allowed in, so why not Toyota? Does the spirit of Jacques Calvet live on over the port and brandy when the European auto industry Big Wigs hit the eateries of Brussels I wonder? The combustible PSA Peugeot-Citroen boss once derided the UK for allowing itself - via Japanese manufacturing 'transplants' - to be used as an aircraft carrier for a Japanese assault on the European car market. 

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