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Dave Leggett | 7 July 2005

'Twas a tasty lunch in London yesterday (personally, I wouldn't think to put marinated figs in a rocket lettuce salad - but it kind of worked) and a useful occasion at which to pick up a few Toyota facts and figures and meet a few people. I sat next to Sir Alan Jones (Chairman, Toyota Manufacturing UK) over lunch - good and easy-going company, the sort of guy who effortlessly makes you feel welcome and relaxed.

And Toyota GB's Scott Brownlee - also seated at my table - was a similarly lively and amusing fellow. Agreeable occasion all round and it at least helps when dealing with people by e-mail or on the phone if you have actually met them at some point.  

Anyway, I managed to knock up a short news item from some of the stats presented in the speeches - a kind of half yearly report on how Toyota is doing in Europe (click link below).

I was supposed to be going up to London again later today for a meeting, but that's been called off now after the bombings on the Tube earlier today. We've been expecting something like this to happen in London for some time now, but it is still pretty shocking when it does.

Such a sad contrast with the upbeat mood in the city yesterday afternoon after news came through that London had won the 2012 Olympic Games (tough luck on  Paris - I love Paris and felt a little sorry for Paris after all the effort that had gone in...yes, really). But today London is dealing with bombs killing and maiming innocent people simply going about their business or on their way to work. I somehow doubt that the perpetrators of such vile acts - wherever in the world they happen - will make it to heaven, or whatever it is they call it. 

UK: Toyota first half sales in Europe up 3% on last year


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