Blog: Dave LeggettXmas time

Dave Leggett | 19 December 2003

I'm not quite firing on all cylinders today. We had our office Christmas lunch yesterday and as we are all rarely together at the same time, we tend to push the boat out on such occasions. 'Christmas lunch' was had at a top quality Indian restaurant and I'm glad to say there was no repetition of a food fight we had at a pub a few years ago. We were impeccably well behaved and everyone was on good form. After a sumptuous feast and some lively chatter that was well oiled by free flowing Cobra lager, the hard core party animals in the crew ventured into the county town of Worcester (home of Lea and Perrin's Worcester sauce - very good with cheese on toast by the way) for a few more sociable drinks. It gets a wee bit hazy after that although I seem to remember a load of us being in Bagel's car ('Bagel' is Michael Nagle - our business development guy) at one point. The windows were wound down and we were singing - if that's the word, shouting more like - along to some of Abba's greatest hits. Nice.


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