Blog: Dave LeggettWTF is that plate about?

Dave Leggett | 9 July 2008

Look, I haven't really ever grown up and I freely admit I would probably have to let out an involuntary chortle were I to see a car registration plate with 'WTF' on it. It's the same with other naughty words and acronyms seen out of context and in the wrong places. It's in my DNA.

Little ironies like this one crack me up; you can just imagine the conversations at the North Carolina State DMV office as the penny dropped when someone complained. Personally, I would derive no little amusement from having such a plate myself and would consider it a prized possession. It's only an acronym for goodness' sake. It's not like there's a big neon sign saying 'idiot' (not that people these days use quaint terms such as that).

And how much did it cost to notify some 10,000 drivers who 'might be offended and want a free replacement'? Bonkers. The officials in NC should have stuck to their guns and just said 'so what'. Or even, ahem, SFW?

Potentially Offensive License Plate To Be Replaced For Free


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