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Dave Leggett | 9 September 2005

The word for this week seems to be hybrid. I can think of several hybrid news items off the top of my head: (1) BMW going in with DaimlerChrysler and GM; (2) Suzuki looking at selling a hybrid version of the Grand Vitara in the US; and (3) Volkswagen saying that it won't tie-up with anyone in Europe on hybrid technology, but is happy to work with SAIC on a hybrid vehicles for China.

One thing that is a little puzzling re Volkswagen is that it seemed to be on course to work with Porsche on hybrids - something which would also make sense if the idea is to perhaps utilise the technology on Touareg/Cayenne. Maybe the VW-Porsche discussions are still going on and the two companies cooperate so closely (they always have done) that working with Porsche still constitutes 'go-it-alone'. Or has Porsche simply decided not to bother with hybrids? Or even, whisper it, cut to the quick and work with hybrid market-leading Toyota?

Anyway, that's me done for the week. Beer o'clock and we're still enjoying a very pleasant 'Indian summer' in England, so I'm outta here for some fresh early evening air. I'll be at The Oval in London tomorrow (with some old friends, not a corporate do) to watch the rather big cricket match that is on here (football? what's that?). Should be good.

GERMANY: Volkswagen and Porsche to team up on hybrids - reports


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