Blog: Dave LeggettWonderful, wonderful (grey) Copenhagen

Dave Leggett | 29 October 2007

I'm sitting in a hotel in Copenhagen in its 'business centre'. There's a row of PCs on a large table and a big window overlooking the harbour - which in this part is lined by grey and rather drab office buildings and a building site next door. It's very reminiscent of London's docklands. It's also grey and very wet outside and dusk is rapidly falling. We'll be hearing more about the BMW 1 Series Coupe later this evening. I've been given a wad of press info about the car and a BMW baseball cap (how useful).

My initial take: it's a 1 Series that looks a lot better than the regular 1 Series. Styling and packaging is what this car is all about. A stylish car, a small BMW with some fancy techy stuff and all at a relatively affordable price. As the product bloke at BMW GB put it so well, 'It's really aimed at people who can't afford a 3 Series Coupe...'. Give that man a pat on the back for just telling it like it is and dropping the usual patter.

Here's a thought I had on the plane out (BA out of Heathrow). When the cabin crew show the safety video and go through the perfunctory motions of things like how you inflate your lifejacket (when was the last time they were needed?) most people switch off. It's hard not too. Why don't they at least get the videos done by entertainers/well known figures instead? Perhaps filmed in unusual or incongruous settings. Jazz it up a bit. Might get our attention. Might be a sponsorship - proceeds to charities and good causes - opportunity, too.

UK: BMW 1 Series coupé on sale next month


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