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Dave Leggett | 18 February 2004

I spent an agreeable few hours last night at a reception at the cavernous UnderGlobe on London's south bank. The party was arranged by a charity called WOMAC (women on the move against cancer). The backbone of the charity is formed by some very hardworking UK auto industry PRs and the annual fundraising event usually gets a good turnout from all sides of the industry's media. And so it proved last night. Good crowd and atmosphere. It's a great networking occasion and also all in a very good cause (as I like to tell myself while necking my umpteenth glass of wine).

Just some of the people I met during the course of the evening:

Susan Brown (; Rebecca Wright (World Markets Research Centre); Paul Horrell (Car magazine's exec editor); William Kimberley (editor, Automotive Engineer); Richard Feast (author); Rob Golding (ex City slicker and now European publisher, Motorbooks International) and Tony Willard (ex Emap's Automotive Management editor and now working with Rob at Motorbooks). There were also countless PRs to say hello to and be able to put faces to names.

I also bumped into Mark Carberry of Carberry communications. The last time I saw him was in a pavement cafe in Paris in the early hours of the morning during Automotive News Europe's Congress last June. He was still going strong when I left at 3:00 am. We agreed that we're both planning on going to this summer's ANE shindig in Montreux and I wouldn't mind betting that we, along with certain others, will make the most of the 'apres-conference' opportunities presented. 

Emerging into the cold winter's night at around 10:30 pm, my evening was rounded off by a very pleasant stroll on the path by the river Thames. Looking north across the river was an illuminated city skyline that really is quite something. It's the kind of thing we take for granted, but I had time to dawdle and ponder. In particular, St Paul's Cathedral is impressively floodlit at night. Great piece of architecture that really stands the test of time (construction finished in 1710). Well done to the visionary architect Sir Christopher Wren. One thought struck me: how on earth did the Luftwaffe manage to miss it during the bombing raids of WWII? Thank goodness they did though. 

Pic of St Paul's at night


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