Blog: Graeme RobertsWhy so few QuickClear screens?

Graeme Roberts | 24 November 2010


Britain's annual freeze has started

Got out to the high-tech BMW 520d Touring this morning - head-up display, all manner of keep-u-safe technology, eight-speed automatic, etc - but had to use a very low tech method - the Mark One jug of water - to get the first decent frost of the season off the windscreen. Question.

Why does the QuickClear windscreen featured on many, quite cheap Fords and also used by a few other brands not have more universal application? I've never used one when needed but have driven a few cars so equipped and there is a slight visual effect on the view out caused by the tiny zig-zag wires that I've heard some drivers don't like.

If you know more, I'd like to hear.

In the meantime, my smug Ford-driving neighbours can sit comfortably and let electricity do the work while Muggins here gets his fingers frozen off. Seat heaters (a GBP300 option in the BMW) help with the thaw...


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