Blog: Dave LeggettWho mislaid 4,000 cars?

Dave Leggett | 10 March 2009

I see a row has broken out in Russia over an allegedly 'missing' 4,000 Lada cars. AvtoVAZ has denied a report by Russian business daily Kommersant that the carmaker's dealer Lada-Servis is missing about 4,000 cars. Strange times at AvtoVAZ right now. For one thing, there are some big disputes between AvtoVAZ and suppliers over payment.

Relations with SOK might be particularly fruity and furtive calls to journalists with spicy stories aren't exactly unheard of. Mind you, AvtoVAZ probably has a bit of history with dodgy accounting, so 4,000 cars gone AWOL might not be quite as absurd as it sounds. 

RUSSIA: AvtoVAZ suspends production on parts supply disruption


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