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Dave Leggett | 24 May 2004

I caught a little of the Monaco Grand Prix on the gogglebox yesterday. Good to see Jensen Button and the BAR team doing well. And at least there were a couple of meaty incidents to brighten up what is normally a fairly dull racing affair - although the setting for the race is superb of course. Just before the race Martin Brundle was roving the grid with a microphone, looking for quick interviews. The grid was pretty packed with people and he was having trouble getting to the people he wanted, so in the end he just picked on anyone at random: "Who are you then?" Answers ranged from "nobody" through to "best friend of the organiser". 

But isn't that one of the rules of life? There always seem to be loads of gatecrashers at big set-piece events. Press days at motor shows are another case in point. The organisers of motor shows have really tightened up these days, but there are invariably plenty of people walking around on press days who don't look like media or media support people.

Tomorrow I'm in Birmingham for the British Motor Show (sorry, can't quite bring myself to prefix that with the name of the media sponsor). Not sure there's an awful lot of news of significance to a global audience, but we'll see (ooh, look over there - they've changed the headlamps on the Rovers and pensioned off some of the old Honda switchgear. Ain't it marvellous?). At least I'll get up close to the cars and I'm sure there'll be plenty of grist for the blog mill come Wednesday.


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