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Glenn Brooks | 9 July 2013

Thanks to the RS owners

Thanks to the RS owners' club for the use of this image

This year's Silverstone Classic sounds like it's going to be an essential for any petrolhead here in England.

I've been reading through some of the info that the promoter has emailed me - they had more than 1,000 Porsche 911 owners volunteer for a parade; another 50th birthday, that of Lamborghini, is being celebrated with a 100 car gathering; there will be a race in the evening for classic GT cars such as the E-Type and Aston DB4; and today comes the announcement of Tim Harvey being reunited with his Ford RS 500.

I wasn't yet living in the UK when Harvey's Labatt's sponsored Sierra was winning races but I do remember seeing the Texaco-liveried RS 500s at Bathurst and all the brouhaha that sadly followed (eventual disqualification after months of discussions over supposedly illegal parts). All so long ago...

Here's a link for advance details on this event, which takes place from Fri-Sun 26-28 July:

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