Blog: Dave LeggettWhere oil comes from

Dave Leggett | 12 January 2007

Why have cars that are powered by electricity? One answer might be to avoid burning fossil fuels that generate CO2 which is widely thought to be contributing to a harmful warming of the world's atmosphere. But there are other answers of course. With the price of oil as high as it is (and long-term prospects for the price likely to be upward), there is undoubtedly a wider economic case for lessening dependence on imported black gold.

And if you watch the TV news of an evening, places where the oil we use mainly comes from are about as stable as the chemical reaction you get when you add magnesium to water. And the Stars and Stripes is about as popular in some of these places as a Great White at an Elephant Seal convention.

Interesting to note that Bob Lutz homed in on the 'where oil comes from' point when GM's Chevrolet Volt was unveiled in Detroit.

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