Blog: Dave LeggettWhere did today go?

Dave Leggett | 5 September 2003

I can't believe it's almost 6:00pm here. Today seems to have been on fast-forward. One of my traits is gassing on the phone and there seems to have been more than usual today. It's an important part of my job, but it can make it difficult to focus (for example, on a presentation I need to prepare for next week). I'll probably have to take a look at it sometime over the weekend. But not tomorrow. Tomorrow I am going to The Oval (that's a cricket ground in London) with some friends to watch a game of cricket (Test match - England vs South Africa). As I was just explaining to Graeme - tennis is his game - the relatively slow pace of cricket makes for an extremely relaxing and good-humoured day - very different to the frenetic spectacle that is football. On Sunday I'm going to a fair where there will be classic cars on display and I will indulge my Triumph Stag fantasies once again. And then that powerpoint presentation will be waiting. Whatever you're doing this weekend, have a good one!


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