Blog: Dave LeggettWhat's Hungarian for sperm?

Dave Leggett | 30 July 2003

I can't help laughing at this one and I make no apology for my temporary regression to an adolescent's level of humour. Someone from Hungary has e-mailed me with some interesting information about that Hyundai Getz name in Hungary - the Getz name being the subject of an earlier Blog posting:

"Talkin' about the Hyundai Getz. It is called the Hyundai Get in Hungary, with the 'z' cut off from the badge at the back of the car. The reason is that the way you pronounce the name of the car in Hungarian closely resembles a very, very rude slang expression of the sperm.

"Unfortunately no name change took place in the case of the Nissan Almera Tino where Tino basically means an ox (and sometimes applied to someone stupid in the slang). Back in the 1980s we had the Seat Ronda (ronda means hideous in Hungarian)."

Ah, the pitfalls of international nameplates. Fiat has probably been let off the hook by the threat of legal action from Renault over the Gingo name (Gingo sounds like Twingo and apparently that's enough to form the basis of a case...let's hear it for the legal profession). Gingo sounds like it must be slang for something rude somewhere. Panda is a better sounding name I think and also it is appropriate for a small Fiat given the Fiat Panda model's long history.


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