Blog: Dave LeggettWhat’s a Wingle?

Dave Leggett | 5 October 2006

No, ‘Wingle’ is not a euphemism for a part of the human body or a bodily function of some sort ('just off for a wingle - won't be long') and it is definitely not a sugar coated goodie made with the assistance of a deep-fat fryer.

Wingle is also not a car part or accessory and it’s not a new cocktail drink that gets you merry quickly, either (‘okay, that’s one screwdriver, a sex-on-the-beach, one wallbanger and a....wingle.’). And it’s not the name of yet another web search engine (‘Google is like sooo last year! I’ve moved to Wingle now – it’s brilliant!’).

‘Wingle’ is in fact the unwittingly funky name assigned by Chinese vehicle maker Great Wall to its crew-cab pick-up. It's actually derived from 'winged eagle'. Myself and just-auto’s emerging markets specialist Mark Bursa checked out the Wingle in Paris, last week, along with some other Chinese-made vehicles. (Advertising campaigns could be good - 'I've wangled a Wingle' 'Come and mingle in my Wingle'.)

Read Mark’s feature on the Chinese automakers and their cautious approach to exporting to Western markets here.

And for a just-auto members’ management briefing - hot off the presses - on the Chinese auto industry, click here.


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