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Dave Leggett | 8 June 2004

I’ve been in touch with Jeremy ‘An Englishman in Philadelphia’ Burne – hoping that we might meet up next week when I’m in Detroit. He’s a well-connected guy who used to be Commercial Officer at the British Consulate, but is now a private sector commercial animal and lives full-time in the US – he’s married to an American. I’ve met up with him before and he’s often in Detroit but won’t be around next week. But here’s an extract from his e-mail to me in my Inbox yesterday evening:

“Great to hear from you. Unfortunately that week I will be in Indy for the F1 race. Would you be interested in coming along??- I have a whole day programme arranged for the June 18 practice day, including a morning session featuring Jackie Stewart, David Richards (BAR), Adrian Reynard and others. Quite a few auto industry guests attend. …In the afternoon you can watch the practice session from our VIP suite, where you can eat, drink and network to your heart's content.”

There's just one snag: I’m scheduled to be back in the UK on Friday the 18th. But I’ve done the sensible thing. Yes, I’ve changed my return flight, but I was very lucky. I got one of the last two economy seats left on the BA flight to London out of Detroit on Sunday 20th. Otherwise I’d have had to shell out another £900 for a World Traveller Plus seat – no thanks. In my excitement to change flights I took a cursory look at a map to check that I could drive from Detroit to Indianapolis– it doesn’t look all that far. But North America is quite a big place – I’m looking at a fair few hours on the road each way I think, in an economy hire car. Has to be done though.

Oh, and I’ve found somewhere to watch the England vs France football match on Sunday – the Spectadium sports bar in Troy. Took some finding. Now I've got the important stuff sorted, maybe I should start thinking about that Ford presentation I've got to do as well as what questions I'm going to put to Nick Scheele...


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