Blog: Dave LeggettWhat next for GM?

Dave Leggett | 2 April 2009

Mark Bursa has written a piece for us that distills his thoughts on what might happen to GM based on what Obama said in his speech earlier this week. As well as reading his words, you can also listen to a short audio clip (there's a simple player embedded in the article). I agree with him that it looks like Obama is pointing GM towards the bankruptcy door, but how would it actually play out and what gets the best outcome? It's perhaps not as simple as it seemed a while back, though suppliers will still be scared, for sure. But the ground seems to have shifted this week. 

We also talked around the subject a bit more this afternoon and one curious thought emerged. Opel/Vauxhall on its own is very heavily Europe-based in terms of both sales and production.

GM has mainly used Chevrolet to spearhead and develop presence in overseas markets - and buying Daewoo Motor may yet turn out to be the best thing that Rick Wagoner ever did for GM.
But an independent GM Europe would have to take a fresh look at world markets rather than rely on Europe volume.

ANALYSIS: Can Obama’s ‘quick rinse’ wash away GM and Chrysler’s toxic debts?


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