Blog: Glenn BrooksWhat are those four tiny circles on the new S-Class?

Glenn Brooks | 13 July 2012

W222, the next Mercedes-Benz S-Class, likely to be the most high-tech car the world has yet seen, is now only months away from launch. A prototype has just been papped with some odd looking lights on its rump, adding to the intrigue.

I've never knowlingly broken a news embargo, so I possibly shouldn't be drawing attention to a car having been papped. But in the case of the cyclist who filmed the S-Class, Mercedes' driver didn't climb out to berate him, and besides, the big Benz looks quite elegant even with its vinyl wrap. Daimler might even like the idea of this thread generating interest in the car, who knows?

Take a look and do leave a comment if you can help solve the mystery of the four lights in the middle of the rear valance. I don't mean the red lights on the bootlid - the cameraman seems to notice the unusual ones below the bumper just as the barrier goes down and the car pulls away.


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