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Dave Leggett | 23 October 2007

The weekend just gone was certainly one of the more interesting ones for us English who like our sport - we came second and lost but they were perhaps what might be termed honourable defeats. In the Rugby World Cup final an unfancied English team took on the mighty South Africans. The result was pretty predictable, but the English side showed a lot of grit and character to get that far. Some turnaround from the start of the tournament.

And then there was the Brazilian GP. Lewis Hamilton was a bit unlucky with the technical failure and will maybe rue dropped points elsewhere, too. Despite the controversies that Formula One has had to endure this season, at least it has become a lot more exciting for many spectators - and the arrival of a talented and highly focussed rookie onto the scene has certainly helped in that regard.

I caught a programme about the young man on TV last night. He and his father have been working towards the goal of Lewis being F1 champion since he was about seven years of age. It's a good story, actually. He wasn't born into money (I know the town he comes from well - I come from there, too - and it's not what you would call well-heeled) and there's also the blindingly obvious point that motor racing is an overwhelmingly middle-class and (let's face it) light skinned sport. He's had to endure a certain amount of racism I'm sure. As far as being champion goes, there's always next year and time is on his side.

What a good role model though.

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