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Dave Leggett | 11 November 2003

Ten minutes ago I took a call from the BBC wanting me to talk live on the radio about Toyota taking number two global sales slot from Ford in the third quarter. Just did it. You may be able to hear it on the BBC's World Service repeated again later today (World Business Report). Gets the adrenalin going doing live stuff. Not sure I was on my best form though. How on earth do you sum up the relative success of Toyota against Ford, globally, in just 30 seconds? There's a lot to say of course, so keeping it down to the essentials is not easy. One thing I did notice from looking at some data is that Toyota dramatically closed the gap with Ford in calendar '02, so the development this year is not altogether unexpected. Ford could still come out ahead of Toyota over 2003 as a whole, but it would be a brave man who would maintain that Ford will beat Toyota in 2004.


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